hanauta ハナウタhanauta


Our company's strong point

Soft metal(products)

Strong and hard, but that's not all.

Be worth style.

We have been pursuing the possibilities of metal in the land of Tsubame-Sanjo,Niigata,Japan.

We found the answer and started up a new brand.

"hanauta" a Kitchen tool brand.

We wish you'll enjoy your daily life with "hanauta".

The soft,beautiful and comfortable metal tools bring small happiness for you.

We make it wholeheartedly at our factory every day in Tsubame-Sanjo,Niigata,Japan.




  • Feb 16,2018

    hanauta is featured on the web magazine… ↓↓↓                
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  • Jan 30,2018

    Finally… ↓↓↓                
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  • Jan 24,2018

    hanauta is featured on the magazine… ↓↓↓                
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  • Jan 5,2018

    Happy New Year 2018!… ↓↓↓                
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